Friday, 6 December 2013

Big Hearted Business Virtual Conference 2013

Latest wip - Lowlands Beach 40cm x 40cm
Have any of you heard of Big Hearted Business?
Big Hearted Business is the brainchild of musician Clare Bowditch (clever, clever lady!) and was established not so long ago with the intent to help creative people learn about business "in ways that make sense".
BHB have produced some wonderful podcasts that are available on their site - talks given by successful creative types sharing their stories and artistic career advice.
They even had a BHB Conference in March this year with more presentations by successful creative business types (more clever, clever people!), and happily, they filmed it all and recently released it as a Virtual Conference for paid subscribers.
And, oh, how marvellously fabulous it all is!
I listen as I paint. There are videos, too.
It's like having my own private cheer squad in the room. Hooray!
Do you listen to podcasts?
Can you recommend some good ones?
I'd love to hear.
Have a brilliant weekend.

1 comment:

  1. I was saving my pennies when they realeased the virtual conference, so I didn't buy a virtual ticket. Good to hear it's great though. I saw Clare talk at a BHB morning tea in Brisbane and it was so great. It was a catalyst for me and really got me thinking and put things in motion. Hope she comes back to Brisbane again! :)